3 amazing boot buying and walking combinations to enjoy in Northampton

Nothing finishes off a classic layered Autumn look like a quality boot made in England, and there’s surely no better place to buy and enjoy your boots than Northamptonshire.

With classic rolling English countryside and quality shoe and boot makers aplenty, here are 3 great boot buying and walking combinations to enjoy this Autumn.

Trickers and Delapré Abbey

Let’s start right in the centre of Northampton with one of England’s finest and long-standing shoemakers, Trickers.

You’ll be spoilt for boot choice (especially if you love a brogue boot) at the Trickers factory shop and we’d recommend giving them a test run (or walk) at the newly renovated Delapré Abbey just on the outskirts of town. As well as the historic Abbey which dates back to 1145, there as an impressive 500 acres of parkland to explore as well as the formal gardens.

Delapre Abbey

The Trickers Adstone Country boot with super soft scotch grain uppers and Goodyear welt soles, perfect for a brisk walk through the gardens.

Tricker's Adstone Boots

The Orangery Café for a cheeky chunky bacon sandwich.

Crockett & Jones and Abington Park

If you’re still in Northampton town, head along the Wellingborough Road and up to Crockett & Jones.

With the factory shop nestled in the heart of Abington, it’s just a short 10 minute stroll to what is undoubtedly one of Northampton’s most loved green spaces, Abington Park, and October is the perfect time to enjoy this beautiful park.

Abington Park

The classic Crockett & Jones Harlech derby boot made with a double leather sole and is ideal for exploring the lakes, aviaries and bandstand.

Crockett & Jones walking boots

The Death on Two Legs exhibition at Abington Park Museum (showing until Sunday the 17th of November) where you can see amazing designs cut into sycamore leaves by artist Aasen Stephenson, and also get a window into the gothic inspiration for his work.

Dr Martens and Castle Ashby

Only a short 10 minute drive from the Doc Shop at Wollaston is Castle Ashby where you can explore one of Northamptonshire’s many stately homes and gardens.

Give your new DM’s a good wearing in with a stomp around the classically designed Castle Ashby Gardens which include Italian Gardens, an Orangery, and even a Menagerie!

Castle Ashby bridge

The original Dr. Martens 1460 boot with a vegan twist in iconic cherry red.

Dr Martens 1460 vegan

Look after yourself and do some tree bathing in the Arboretum and take in the view from the terracotta bridge.

So, there we go, 3 amazing boot buying and boot walking experiences to try out this Autumn in the shoe and boot making capital of the world - enjoy!

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