5 pairs of the best English mod shoes money can buy

When you think of classic mod shoes then the first thing that comes to mind is usually a great pair of timeless desert boots but dig a little deeper into the style repertoire and you can find an amazing variety of fine English footwear to complete your Bank holiday mod outfit.

So, ahead of the traditional Bank holiday weekend procession of sharp suits and vintage scooters, here's our list of 5 pairs of quality English shoes that every mod should own:

1. Chelsea boots
First up is the Chelsea boot which dates right back to the Victorian times when they were designed for country pursuits and were known as ‘Paddock boots’. It wasn’t until the 1950s when the creative types in well-to-do Chelsea started wearing them that they became known as ‘Chelsea boots’.

Famously worn by the Beatles and the Stones in the 1960s the timeless styling has made them a staple of mod wardrobes around the world ever since.

We’ve picked a beautiful pair of Crockett and Jones black leather Lingfields as our Chelsea boot of choice.

Crockett & Jones mod chelsea boots

2. Boating shoes
As you might expect, the boating shoe has a nautical history which dates back to the 1930s. Combining a long sleeve breton with a classic blazer and finish it off with white trousers and a pristine pair of boating shoes and you have the perfect recipe for the casual mod look.

The Marske boat shoe by Church’s is our recommendation - casual, practical and perfect for the weekend.

Church's mod boating shoes

3. Loafers
The loafer is characterised as a shoe with no laces and a low heel and which exposes much of the top of the foot and the ankle. Whilst the tassel loafer is a great favourite of the modern man (and woman) we’ve picked out the rather natty red penny loafer from Tricker’s for our top 5.

Tricker's mod penny loafers red

4. Driving shoes
Technically, the driving shoe could be classed as driving loafer but we’ve included them separately just because, well, just because they’re such a stand out shoe!

Back in 1963 the Italian company Car Shoe designed this unique shoe to provide the rich with comfortable and practical footwear specifically for driving in. Traditionally made with a suede upper and distinct rubber sole grip, the driving shoe is comfortable, classy and can usually be found in a great range of colours.

Go for the lichen Lynther driving shoe by John Lobb and remember, leave your socks at home.

John Lobb mod driving shoes

5. Weavers
It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly where the basket-weave shoe became a defining mod classic but there’s no denying that a man in a quality pair of weavers is dandy mod indeed.

Jeffery West do an amazing pair of handmade tan weavers exclusively for Mod Shoes and they complete our top 5 best English mod shoes that money can buy.

Jeffery West mod weave shoe

5 +1. Desert boots
OK, you're right, you can't have a list of classic mod shoes without including the desert boot so in at number 5 +1 is a quality shoe from Barker; the Devonshire, like all Barker shoes, is beautifully made and available in 3 colours so you can opt for an alternative to the classic tan desert boot.

Barker's mod desert boots

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