5 Quality Sneakers From Northampton’s Finest Footwear Brands

If you’re looking at getting active (or just want a more casual look) when you’re out and about then it’s probably a good time to think about a pair of something that you can walk, jog, or run in (whether or not you call it a trainer or a sneaker).

To help with your search we’ve picked out 5 great sneakers from Northampton’s finest footwear brands for you to consider:

1. Church’s Mirfield Sneaker
Let’s start with Church’s best selling sneaker and an established classic. The Mirfield is comfortable with a generous fit (and so it’s probably best to buy a half size smaller than your usual size) and is top-notch everyday sneaker.

Church Mirfield 2 Sneaker

We found it just for you with a massive saving of more than £100 (if you get clicking quickly enough).

2. Crown Northampton Abington Toe Cap Sneaker
We love the Abington Toe Cap from Crown in oxblood (No 8) - they’re cool, comfy and absolute class.

Crown Abington Toe Cap

These premium sneakers are handmade in England and share their name with Northampton’s beautiful Abington Park, the perfect place to take a pair for a run.

3. Barker Axel Sneaker
Barker have a growing range of sneakers but we don't think you can beat the 70's inspired Axel Sneaker.

Barker Axel Sneaker White Grain - Buy it now

Axel Sneaker is available in a range of combinations but, for us, the all white versions are timeless classics and we’ve got them for you ready to buy with over £30 off.


4. Jeffery West K354 Weave Sneaker
If you’re after something just a little bit different then Jeffery West is always a good bet. And they haven’t let us down with the K354 weave sneaker, available for healthy discount here.

Jeffery West Weave Sneaker

Like all of the sneakers, this is a top quality product and comes with a pair of additional red laces if you want to make a bit more of the red, white and blue theme.

5. Loake Bannister Sneaker
Last but by no means least is the Bannister sneaker from Loake. A great addition to any sneaker collection, the Bannister comes in suede or leather uppers and is another that definitely has a classic 70s retro vibe.

Loake Bannister Sneaker Discount

Ideal as a casual jogging or just plain casual sneaker, we found 3 options available with a saving of over £30 a pair.

The perfect Northampton sneaker companion
And, if you’re also looking for some clothing to finish off your sports-casual look then why not rock it for NoHo with one of our exclusive NS&B sweats or tees.

NS&B Exclusive Clothing

Available exclusively to Northampton Shoes & Boots, these two designs are available in a number of colour combinations to suit match your sneakers.

Make the most of your time outside, enjoy the everyday, and stay healthy.

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