A beginner’s guide to the great English dress shoe

To the uninitiated, the wide range of classic dress shoe styles can be somewhat overwhelming and the terminology even more so. We’ve been looking at putting together a simple guide to cover the basics when, lo and behold, we stumbled upon a fantastic infographic created by Ties.com.

Rather than reinventing the heel (see what we did there) we’ve decided to share the graphic to help those that don’t know their loafer from their Chelsea boot. It’s a great resource, simply presented and a good starting point for shoe lovers looking to understand the craftsmanship and nuances behind their favourite shoe brands.

Dress Shoe Guide infographic

Once you’re all clued up on the beautiful intricacies of the classic English shoe, take your new found confidence along to one of Northampton’s shoe factory shops and try on something different. We double-monk-strap dare you.

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