Bright new offers at the Dr Martens UK outlet shop AKA The Doc Shop

Whether or not you’re into bright footwear or the subtle intricacies associated with classic English shoe styling, you’ve got to take your hats off to the design team at Dr Martens for their ability to constantly reinvent the classic brand.

From the moment the now classic yellow welt stitch was added to Dr Martens boots, the Doc brand singled itself out as one that was willing to take risks and stand out from the crowd. To find out if this key design-gene is still present, we picked out some of the boldest and brightest shoe and boot bargains to be found in the factory shop in one of our regular visits to the Dr Martens UK outlet shop in Wollaston.

Dr Martens bargains
So, let’s have a quick run down of some stand-out Dr Marten bargains that caught our eye. Before you get too excited, the stock at the Dr Martens UK outlet shop is constantly changing and extremely limited so many of these fantastic DM bargains may well bet gone and replaced with new ones unless you head on over in the next couple of days.

Let’s kick off with a great pair of Dr Martens high-top trainers. This bright red Mesh Rigal is a neat twist on the classic 8-eye boot and is available for less than half the recommended retail price at just £35.

Dr Martens mesh rigal

Next up is the classic 3-eye 1461 shoe coming in again at less than 50% off what you’d pay on the high street. The upper is textured Ajax leather and the air-cushioned sole is undeniably fluoro!

Dr Martens 1461 ajax

And our third pick of the day, a not-to-be-missed-in pair of Daze Jadon 8-eye women's boot. These late-eighties rave inspired  psychedelic boots have a healthy platform sole and can be picked up for a steal at the Doc Shop.

Dr Martens jade daze

With Spring finally arriving after a frozen sting in tail of Winter 2018 that was the ‘Beast from the east’, now is a great time to head over to Northampton’s most popular factory shoe shop to pick up a seasonal bargain.

You can find all of the details you need by heading over to our Doc Shop information page. Happy bargain-hunting and let us know how you get on.

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