Celebrating Gothic Footwear Style and 40 Years of Bauhaus

As well as being the home to some of the best footwear brands in the world, Northampton is also the birthplace of legendary Goth-rockers Bauhaus.

Formed in 1978, Bauhaus were true Gothic pioneers known for their dark sound and iconic image. They are are due to start their 40th anniversary tour (including 2 nights at Northampton’s Roadmender), and with Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d do our own celebration of stylish Gothic footwear, proudly made in Northampton.

Bauhaus gothic style

Jeffery-West - Modern Gothic Style
Could there be a more fantastically Gothic-inspired shoemaker than Jeffery-West?

Gothic influences underpin everything about Jeffery-West designs, from the dark and dramatic purples, blacks and blood reds used throughout their ranges, to the dark visual motifs they love revisiting - skulls, fallen angels, tombstones.

Just take a trip to the Jeffery-West factory shop to get a sense of what true Gothic style is all about, and choose from end of line and seconds at discounted prices, as well the latest ranges.

Northampton Shoes recommends the Jeffery-West Lugosi 'Gargoyle' Skull Spat Boot.

Jeffery West lugosi boot

George Cox - From Winklepickers to Creepers
Whilst probably most well-known for their connection to the Punk scene of the mid-70s, George Cox was at the forefront of British culture as Punk evolved into New Wave, and then Goth.George Cox creepers provided style inspiration for Gothic legends including Siouxsie Sioux, The Cure, and Bauhaus and continue to be a mainstay for today’s subculture.

Looking back even further, George Cox led the way in bringing Winklepickers to Britain in the 1960s, a timeless style still loved by modern-day Goths.

Northampton Shoes recommends George Cox black leopard Gibson creepers.

George Cox gothic style

Dr Martens - Classic Big Goth Boots
It’s probably fair to say that a Dr Martens boot is one of the most versatile of all in terms of its ability to provide a bit of an edge to any number of fashion genres.

Whether it’s a chunky 14-eye boot, a studded creeper or the original 8-eye 1460 in purple, a solid pair of DMs is the perfect starting point for building that Goth look.

Northampton Shoes recommends Dr Martens black 1460 skull web boots.

Dr Martens skull boots

Dark Discounts
If you’re looking for stylish Gothic footwear at great prices then head over to the Jeffery-West factory shop in Northampton, or the Doc Shop in Wollaston, Northamptonshire, for end of line and seconds at great discounted prices.

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