Classic brothel creepers for rockers with class

Immortalised by Teddy Boys in the 1950s and favoured by the punks of the 1970s, George Cox creepers are the classic footwear of choice for the discerning rocker.

Just a mile or so down the road from that other icon of Great British footwear, Dr Martens, George Cox has helped to define the look of generations of rockers since the first ‘brothel creeper’ shoe was produced back in 1949 (there's a great piece on the history of this iconic shoe here).

George Cox creepers and the punk revolution
With the help of designer Vivienne Westwood and punk rock entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren, George Cox creepers became the de facto footwear for the jilted generation of 1970s punk rockers and the rest, as they say, is history.

George Cox Malcolm McClaren

George Cox Joe Strummer John Lydon

From Joe Strummer to Sid Vicious, and from Jack Nicholson to Johnny Depp, George Cox creepers have been favoured by left field celebrities for nearly four decades and modern day partnerships including their recent collaboration with Fred Perry, have ensured that the George Cox brand remains relevant for generations to come.

George Cox Fred Perry

So, if you’re more rocker than mod then fear not as you can still get hold of the finest quality footwear right here in the heart of England. As Malcolm McLaren said back in 1972, Let it rock!

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