Dr Who loves Northampton Shoes

For those of you who are Dr Who fans (and there are millions) out there, you’re probably in a period of time-travelling mourning after the recent news that there will be no new Dr Who series until… 2017!

Why should we care here at Northampton Shoes? Well, aside from our favourite Doctor of recent times, Matt Smith, being a Northampton boy, our great shoe makers have been key to Peter Capaldi’s dapper and very English look as the Twelfth Doctor.

dr who loake boots

The Twelfth Doctor - Made in Scotland, dressed in England's finest
With his Crombie coat - maybe not actually a Crombie original but rather a contemporary take on it by Paul Smith (Nottingham) - and his John Smedley (Matlock, Derbyshire) cardigan, the current Dr Who could only really look to one place to find the right footwear to finish off the all-English look - Northampton, where else?

Early press reports mentioned that the Twelfth Doctor’s costume was actually finished off with a pair of Dr Martens Affleck Boots. We would have been happy with that choice but on closer inspection by those with more time on their hands than us, it was in fact a PR win for Loake.

These boots were made for time-travelling
How do we know for certain? Well, according to Nick “The Boot” Roumana, owner of the British Boot Company, he met with Peter Capaldi and pointed him in the direction of a classic Loake Black Smooth Leather Brogue Boot:

“I suggested this one, because not only is it very smart, it’s exclusive to us and made in England. It’s a great boot. He bought it in size 10.”

Dr Who Loake brogue boots

So, there we have it, proof if proof was needed that even the universe’s most well-known time traveller finds his way to Northampton to get a decent pair of boots to see him through space and time.

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