Even more great Dr Martens bargains at The Doc Shop

Dr Martens and The Doc Shop are two of the most searched for terms on NorthamptonShoes.com and, since it’s been nearly a year since our last post on the subject, we thought it was about time for an update for all of you DM lovers out there.

So, let's start with the practical information; how do I get to the Doc Shop and what are the opening times of the Dr Martens factory outlet?

Visiting The Doc Shop
The Doc Shop is situated a few miles from Northampton in the Northamptonshire village of Wollaston, a place built on shoemaking heritage and still home to the Dr Martens Made in England range. A quick Google or insertion of the following details into your satnav and you’ll find it no problem (and we’ve even included a handy little map for your reference):

Doc Shop
71 High Street
NN29 7QE

The Doc Shop opening times
In terms of opening hours, the Doc Shop has remained pretty consistent for years and is currently open every day from 10am until 5pm.

Doc Shop opening times

More DM choice and even better bargains
Great, so that’s the practical details dealt with. Now for something that has changed recently; the pricing at The Doc Shop used to be set regardless of range, season or condition with set costs for shoes and boots but that has all changed (and for the better). What this means in reality is that there is distinction between end of line Dr Martens stock and the Made in England ranges with shoes and boots starting from £25 a pair.

The knock on effect seems to be that the product ranges has got even greater with so many options for end of line stock, seconds and industrial stock that the choice of Docs available can be overwhelming.

We’ve picked out a few pairs for your reference so you can get a clearer picture regarding the type of savings you might be able to achieve on the Dr Martens range by visiting The Doc Shop.

Up to 70% off Dr Martens classics
First up is the brown Italian hair Thoby men’s brogue currently available for £100 a pair, almost a third of the RRP of £275; an amazing saving for a truly distinctive DM take on the classic brogue.

Dr Martens brogue

Next up is the beige and paisley women’s 8-hole boot at just £60 and, last but not least, the Aggy LTT boot in deep mahogany and porcelain; an absolute snatch at just £30 a pair.

Dr Martens paisley boot

Dr Martens aggy boot

As well as a plethora of shoes and boots to choose from, the bijou bargain shop has Dr Martens clothing and accessories (from yellow laces to Brutus trimfits) and is definitely worth a visit.

So, there we have it, an update for existing Doc Shop fans and some more insights for Dr Martens shoe and boot lovers looking for the ultimate factory outlet savings from their favourite brands. Enjoy!

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