Gaziano & Girling seconds and samples at up to 50% off RRP

Great news for Gaziano & Girling fans, as the Northamptonshire-based shoemakers has announced that is able to sell a limited number of seconds and samples from its factory at up to 50% off RRP.

Gaziano & Girling - craft, comfort and absolute class
Ever since Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling ventured out from their careers with well-established shoemakers in 2006, Gaziano & Girling has established itself alongside the more traditional Northampton shoe brands by combining traditional British craftsmanship with a more continental and contemporary styling.

Gaziano & Girling

The results are clear to see and feel for anyone who has ever tried on a pair of Gaziano & Girling shoes - the finest English shoes made exclusively in their own factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

Factory seconds at Gaziano & Girling
Whilst there is currently no factory shop, you can visit the Gaziano & Girling factory as long as you call ahead to make sure that there is someone there to meet you:

Premier Works
Balfour Street
NN16 9LH

T: 01536 511 022

Gaziano prince

As with all of the factory seconds and samples detailed on our site, you could get a whopping 50% off, with the seconds having very slight leather defects which are often unnoticeable to the average purchaser, unless pointed out.

Please note that they also do not have any card payment machines and so payment would need to be cash, although they have intimated that they are looking to set up a factory shop in the future. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.

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