How to dress like a Peaky Blinder from the boots up

Since it came onto our screens just 5 years, Peaky Blinders has become an iconic British drama that has had a major impact on modern culture. From top to toe, the Peaky Blinders sartorial influence can be seen up and down the country, from the newsboy style caps and sharp waistcoats, to the solid leather boots.

As with so many British cultural icons, from Mods to Rockers, and from Dr Who to James Bond, Northampton’s shoemaking heritage provides the groundwork for the Peaky Blinders look with the help of Joseph Cheaney & Sons military style boots.

Getting the authentic Peaky Blinders look
Cheaney’s range of black and brown boots from their Vintage collection are based on traditional patterns, and are still manufactured in their factory in Northamptonshire, just as they have done since 1886.

Peaky Blinders

Actor Cillian Murphy can be seen wearing the now discontinued Tiger Moth boot in Walnut Grain leather in a behind-the-scenes photograph (see above) from the last series of Peaky Blinders. In our opinion, any one of the Hurricane, Jarrow, or Trafalgar Derby boots all have that distinctive solid yet stylish Peaky Blinders look, and they are all available to buy online starting from around £375.

Cheaney trafalgar boots

Cheaney jarrow derby boot

Visiting the Cheaney factory shop
If you’re looking to get a pair for less then your best bet is to take a trip to the Joseph Cheaney & Sons factory shop in Desborough, Northamptonshire which is a 25 minute drive from Northampton.

Cheaney factory shop

The staff are extremely knowledgeable, and with huge discounts available (up to 50%) on discontinued and imperfect shoes and boots, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your style whether or not you’re going for the full Peaky Blinders style.

Cheaney factory shop 2

If you want to go beyond the Cheaney boots and get the full twenties British military-inspired look then head over to this great Esquire article which breaks down the different elements that make up the Peaky Blinders aesthetic.

Dress like a Peaky Blinder

With the recent announcement that Peaky Blinders has been commissioned for a 5th series by the BBC, the iconic look won’t be going away any time soon, and so head on over to the Cheaney factory shop to get that authentic look without breaking the bank.

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