John Lobb factory shop sale - Christmas 2015

If you're looking for a particularly special gift for that debonair gentleman in your life then look no further than the John Lobb factory sale which kicks off next Saturday the 28th of November.

Details on exactly how generous the sale will be are sketchy although you can contact the Factory Shop Manager, Pauline Foulger, for more details. Expect some of the very best quality shoes available at prices to suit your taste; on our last visit to the John Lobb shoe factory shop we found everything from a cool pair of £100 Aston Martin driving shoes right up to a £3,000 pair of brown glazed crocodile loafers.

John Lobb factory shop sale

John Lobb Christmas Factory Sale
So, head off to the John Lobb factory shop next Saturday and grab yourself a bona fide English classic; a distinct and timeless Christmas gift of real distinction.

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