Made in England - 10% Off All Shoes and Boots

Whilst a lot has changed in the last 12 months, one thing you can be sure about is that when it comes to quality footwear, you can’t beat shoes and boots Made in England.

Discover our favourite Made in England brands today and get 10% off all styles* (the discount is taken off during checkout). At Northampton Shoes & Boots we are proud to work with iconic English brands that bring together unique and timeless styling, quality craftsmanship, and top grade materials, all made in Northampton, England.

For starters, why not take a fresh look at NPS Shoe’s iconic footwear with styles that are perfect for smart and casual wear.

NPS Shoes - Made in England

Or, how about Barker’s, probably best known for their Brogue and Derby shoes, but we just love their Chukka boots.

Barker Shoes - Made in England

And, if you’re talking iconic English shoe brands, you have to include Solovair. All Solovair footwear uses classic Goodyear welted technology and include the unique Sole-of-Air soles. Oh, and they look and feel amazing!

Solovair - Made in England

Whatever your favourite brand or style, you can’t go wrong with a pair of shoes and boots Made in Northampton, England.

*This is a limited time offer and is subject to change.

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