Newman & Regent - 100% Handmade in England

Newman & Regent is the latest Northamptonshire brand to emerge from a traditional shoemaking heritage and start producing fine quality English footwear for a modern world.

Based in a factory in Kettering that has been manufacturing shoes and boots since 1873, the Newman & Regent brand is new and yet instantly steeped in Northampton’s rich shoemaking heritage.

Introducing Newman & Regent
It’s not often that a new brand pops up on our doorstep without us noticing, but we have to confess that the launch of Newman & Regent last year did pass us by.

After some quiet social time (something we’re all used to at the moment), the Newman & Regent Instagram feed seems to have fuelled-up again and so we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to this new old brand.

Newman and Regent Instagram

Made to order and Bespoke shoes and boots
Newman & Regent’s range is made up of classic styles including a Chukka boot, Oxfords, a Derby shoe and a Penny loafer, all made to order and all starting at £300.

The Chukka boots look amazing (and timeless) in beige suede, and it’s great to see the Oxfords in production at the factory in Kettering.

Newman and Regent chukka boots

Newman and Regent Oxfords

Newman & Regent also offer a bespoke shoe from their classic range starting at £750.

100% handmade in England
One of the things that stands out is that Newman & Regent shoes and boots are 100% handmade in England, a claim that few shoemakers can live up to nowadays.

Why is this important? In short, quality and legacy. With highly skilled cordwainers finishing each pair by hand using the finest materials, quality is assured and can be felt in every step.

Legacy is also important, and it’s great to see Newman & Regent carry on a tradition of quality shoemaking that goes back generations and will, hopefully, continue for many generations to come.

Newman and Regent brand

PS. Big design shout-out to Tobias Hall who crafted the logo and brand identity.

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  • Peter Hodge

    It gives me great pleasure to see a new company producing handmade shoes in Northamptonshire the home of shoe making.Very well done & wishing you success in this very difficult climate

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