Northampton Shoe Factory Tours - A Quick Guide

If you’re interested in the craft and attention to detail that goes into manufacturing the best shoes and boots, then a factory tour at one of Northampton’s leading shoe factories is a great way to see the process first hand.

Most of the established shoe and boot factories still located in Northamptonshire - John Lobb, Edward Green, Trickers, Cheaney, Church Shoes - will accommodate a factory tour if you give them a call directly, but only one (as far as we are aware) lets you book a factory tour visit from set dates: NPS Shoes, makers of the original Solovair® footwear range.

NPS Shoe factory tour details
And, as luck may have it, NPS Shoes have got a couple of factory tours scheduled for November and December this year at their factory in Woolaston, about a 20 minute drive from Northampton.

factory tours

The upcoming shoe factory tour dates are Saturday the 10th of November and Saturday the 8th of December and you can pre-book your tour via the online registration form. You can also contact them directly on 01933 664 207 if you have any questions about the factory tour.

Dr Martens Cobbs Lane factory tour
We’d also recommend taking the opportunity to head over to the Doc Shop and pick up a discounted pair of Dr Martens if you’re already in Woolaston.

One of the questions we’re often asked as whether or not Dr Martens do factory tours and the answer is yes. If you’re interested in a tour of Dr Martens Cobbs Lane factory then you need to call the head office on 01933 663 281 and ask for Stephen Bent, the Production Manager, who will do his best to organise a tour.

Dr Martens factory tour

A very quick guide to a shoe factory tour
If you’re not sure what to expect from a factory tour then check out some of the many videos on YouTube. We’ve included one of the best ones below (a beautifully made film by David Lale & Euan Denholm that was filmed at the Edward Green factory) for your reference.

The shoemaking process
As a rule, you will generally be taken through the shoemaking process from the ‘Clicking’ or Cutting Room, through to the Closing Room, and ending with the Finishing Room and the Shoe Room. You’ll also get the opportunity to speak with the expert craftsmen and women that create the shoes and boots.

Tricker's factory tour

From our experience, you will also end up leaving with an even greater respect for the attention to detail and many, many processes (Trickers put it at a whopping 260!) that go into making your favourite shoes and boots.

Factory tour - book now!
Get your NPS Shoes factory tour booked now, or give one of your favourite brands a call and organise your own factory visit, and don’t forget to let the team at Northampton Shoes know how you get on!

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