NPS Shoes: 100% Made in England (and just like Dr Martens)

There’s no doubt that Dr Martens growing range of stylish shoes and boots has made them one of the most iconic brands for the leftfield generation. The utilitarian styling, air cushioned sole and, of course, the distinctive yellow stitching have all combined to make Dr Martens a staple of youth culture for over 50 years.

However, because of the globalisation of brand DM you can’t always guarantee that the shoe or boot you buy is actually made in England. For some that might not matter much. For others (ourselves included) the ‘Made in England’ stamp means something. Not just something about quality and styling but something about supporting our rich manufacturing culture.

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So, whilst there are ways and means to find out if your Dr Marten is indeed crafted and manufactured in the heart of England and the home of quality of shoemaking (look for the gold), there is another way to get 100% guaranteed English made quality shoes in the Dr Marten style.

Quality shoes born and crafted in the heart of England
That’s where NPS Shoes come in. NPS (AKA The Northamptonshire Productive Society) made the first pair of sample Dr Marten boots with air-cushioned soles back in 1959 and continued to manufacture Solovair (Sole-of-Air) boots and shoes under licence to Dr Martens for 35 years.

Northampton Productive Society

Solovair originals: Dr Martens in all but name
Fast forward a few decades and you can still get the very same quality air-cushioned classics which are, to all intents and purposes, Dr Martens in all but name. The two key differences? You have a Solovair label and you can guarantee that they are made in the same Northamptonshire village of Wollaston that the originals were crafted in all of those years ago.

Solivair sole

From the classic 11 Eye oxblood Boot to the 6 Eye 'Hawkins' Astronaut, you can get the distinguished Dr Marten look and feel with a guarantee of absolute Englishness.

Solovair jump the gun boots

NPS Shoes - designed and handcrafted in England
As well as the Dr Marten styling of the Solovair range, NPS Shoes have an extensive selection of timeless English shoes and boots for men and women, all with a guarantee that they're 100% Made in England.

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