Perfect Pairs - Crockett and Jones and Magee Street Bakery

If you’re visiting the Crockett and Jones factory shop - which you should if you admire the quality and timeless style of these classic English shoes - then we highly recommend popping over to the best independent bakery in the Midlands, Magee Street Bakery.

Separated by a just few hundred metres, next to the rows of Victorian terraced houses which line the streets of Abington, Northampton, are two local gems - the Crockett and Jones factory and Magee Street Bakery. We have talked in detail about the Crockett and Jones factory shop, but for those new to here’s a quick summary.

Visiting the Crockett and Jones factory shop
Crockett and Jones has been a mainstay of the Northampton shoemaking industry for nearly 140 years, crafting quality footwear which has a timeless, unmistakably English style.

The factory shop is on the site of the factory where Crockett and Jones have been based since 1890 and, whilst opening times for the shop are very limited, the choice and discount available makes a planned visit well worth it. We regularly see discounts of well over 50% of retail prices, and the Crockett and Jones staff are incredibly knowledgeable and always on hand to assist.

Crockett & Jones factory shop

Factory shop and bakery opening times
The opening times for the Crockett and Jones factory shop are Friday afternoon (1:30pm - 5:00pm) or Saturday morning (9:00am - 1:30pm). Thankfully, the opening times for the wonderful Magee Street Bakery (9:00am - 4:00pm, Wednesday to Sunday) means that if you are visiting the factory shop, the best artisan bakery in town is open and ready for you to take on board refreshments.

The best independent bakery in the Midlands
So, why the big fuss about Magee Street Bakery?

The best sourdough bread, the most amazing sausage rolls with locally sourced meat, the chunkiest, tastiest breakfast sandwiches, the bacon and chilli croissants, oh, and lovely hand roasted coffee. We could go on, and it’s worth checking out their TripAdvisor reviews for a fuller flavour of positive feedback.

Magee Street Bakery

The only downside to pairing these two brilliant businesses is that our favourite treat, the legendary Magee Street freshly made scotch eggs, are only available on Sunday mornings, and only if you get in early enough.

As you can probably tell, here at we are passionate about the rich shoemaking heritage of the town, but also proud of the many amazing businesses that make up the Northampton community. We understand that visiting the Northampton shoe factory shops is a tourist attraction for many, and by sharing just some of the fantastic experiences that visitors can enjoy whilst on their tours, we hope to make their visit even more memorable.

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