Perfect Pairs - Dychurch Lifestyle and Yellow Bourbon

Believe it or not, there are great shoemakers outside of the Northampton shoe brands that we celebrate (who knew?!) and if you are visiting the shoe factory shops then it’s well worth your time to head into the town to find great deals at one of the brilliant independent retailers in Northampton.

Introducing Dychurch Lifestyle
If you have a discerning taste for timeless clothing and footwear then head along to Dychurch Lifestyle, located on the award-winning St Giles Street opposite the stunning Guildhall.

Dychurch Lifestyle is an official supplier of Paraboot, Barbour and Birkenstock, great lifestyle brands that complement the style and craftsmanship that we promote here at Northampton Shoes & Boots.

Dychurch Lifestyle

Dychurch Lifestyle is run by husband and wife team Steve and Ali, and a visit to the store is always a pleasure and a great addition to your shopping experience if you’re planning a trip to the Tricker’s or Church’s factory shops.

Yellow Bourbon, the best coffee in town
And, if you’re already in town then it’s an absolute no-brainer to head down to Yellow Bourbon for the best coffee in town by a country mile.

Yellow Bourbon can be found on Angel Street in the heart of Northampton’s Cultural Quarter (and less then a 2 minute walk from Dychurch).

Yellow Bourbon

As well as great take-away coffee, Yellow Bourbon also roast their own blends in the back of the shop that you can buy in bags to enjoy at home.

This is also another great independent retailer run by a man called Steve who knows everything there is to know about coffee (and has top-notch taste in music which provides a background soundtrack to the shop). Our tip? Grab a cortado made with the Peru El Oso blend - it’s amazing!

Enjoy your day out and remember to stay alert and keep it local.

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