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So, you've invested in the perfect pair of quality English shoes, you've worn them in to the very soul of your feet and now you need to care for them with the time and attention they deserve. But where do you start? What are the do's and don'ts of shoe care etiquette?

Well, we haven't got all of the answers but you won't go far wrong if you check out the shoe care hints and tips from England's finest. From the website that brings together all of the best deals from Northamptonshire's factory shoe shops, here's our quick guide to taking care of business; shoe care business.

shoe care

3 things you really need to know about shoe care

1. Get the right shoe care accessories
First things first, to take care of quality shoes you’ll need the right tools for the job. All of the best Northampton shoe manufacturers provide the necessary shoe care accessories from shoe trees and shoe horns to the right creams, brushes and finishing wax.

shoe care accessories

If you haven’t already done so, get online to get hold of the correct accessories and, if you’re not sure what you need, contact the manufacturers directly for advice. You can find all of the contact details for Northampton shoe brands on our site

2. Regular cleaning, little and often
John Lobb provide a very simple step by step guide to shoe care on their website which is pretty much as simple as it gets; 8 steps to looking after your favourite footwear (Barker Shoes also provide a simple checklist of shoe care which is worth looking at).

Here’s the simplifies version below but you check out the full details on the John Lobb website:

Step 1
Always use a shoe horn.

Step 2
Rotate your shoes between wears.

Step 3
Use a shoetree daily to keep the shoes in optimum shape.

Step 4
Before applying any care products, clean your shoes with a humidified sponge. 

Step 5
Apply conditioning cream using a soft cotton cloth. Allow for the cream to penetrate for at least 10–15 minutes before polishing off with a soft brush.

Step 6
A wax polish can be applied to give a more gleaming patina.

Step 7
Give a final touch with a dry cotton cloth or soft brush to remove the excess cream or wax.

Step 8
For suede shoes, simply brush when needed with a dedicated brush.

If you’d like to see these techniques in action then pop over to the Church’s website for a quick video demonstration of shoe care for your Church’s shoes.

shoe care demonstration

3. If in doubt, speak to the experts
Finally, if your fine English shoes are in need of an extra level of care and attention that cream and buffing can’t give then get in touch with the manufacturers to see if they offer a refurbishment service.

Most, if not all, quality Northampton shoe brands mentioned on this site will provide a shoe refurbishment service. Cheaney Shoes even talk you though the process that your fine English shoes will go through to get them back to their very best.

So, there we have it, a super-quick overview of shoe care for fine English shoes in 3 simple steps. And yes, the Sole Love reference was an affectionate nod to the recently departed English icon of modern music, fashion and culture, David Bowie. Thanks for everything Mr Jones.

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