There’s A New Icon In Town And Its Name Is Denson

A long, long time ago (back in 1951) an iconic shoe brand called Denson was born and grew up to be the go-to footwear brand for everyone from David Bowie to Paul McCartney. Denson’s star shone brightly for many years but fell in to hard times in the 80s due to cheap overseas manufacturing and the brand disappeared.

Fast-forward a few decades to 2020 and the Denson brand is being rebooted for a new generation of shoe lovers and cool kids. And, if you’re going to reboot an iconic English shoe brand, there’s only one place to do it - the home of shoemaking excellence in Northamptonshire.

Denson Shoes reboot 2020
Denson Shoes reboot
The Making Of An Iconic Shoe Brand
By helping to shape the sartorial choices of Teddy Boys and Modernists in the 1950s, Mods and Rockers in the 60s, and Punks, New Romantics, Rockabillies and Goths in the 70s and 80s, Denson’s can rightly claim to have been one of the most influential British fashion brands of its time.

Denson Shoes lifestlye
The new range of Denson shoes and boots are steeped in these subculture influences and an indie spirit that references its rich heritage. To help bring the brand back kicking and screaming into the modern world is Denson’s Managing Director, Luke Creaton:

“We have grand plans to bring back exciting footwear design and manufacturing to Britain’s shoe capital, Northampton. Once established, we will rerun famous styles from our back catalogue which Denson helped to pioneer, such as Beatle Boots, Brothel Creepers and Winklepickers.”

Luke is born and raised in Northampton and is bringing his local and international experience in the shoe industry combined with an obvious passion for the craft of shoemaking to the Denson’s reboot.

Kickstarting the Denson’s Brand With Kickstarter
If you want to be part of the journey, you can get on board right now by backing the Denson Shoes Kickstarter project.

Not only will you be the proud owner of beautiful pair (or pairs) of 100% Made in England, Goodyear Welted shoes or boots, you can also get them at a great price.

Denson Shoes Kickstarter
Denson Shoes Kickstarter speaker
With savings of £78 off RRP for a pair of the Platform Hiker Boots or £75 off RRP for a pair of Platform Combat Boots, you’ll need to get in quickly as these are limited offers.

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